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Up Down Up Down Up Down

No, I’m not talking about a trampoline, or doing the bouncy-bouncy, or even the stock market.

I’m talking about my internet connection. As a highly-evolved (snicker), ordained High Priestess (whoa, that’s weird), I should be able to take this inconsistency in stride. After all, I’m the Priestess of Controlled Chaos! I’ve survived being homeless, raising two Gemini children (well, that’s ongoing), and dancing topless with a knife in my mouth! What’s a little internet irritation compared to that?

Well, funny you should ask, because I’ve been pondering that myself.

Here’s what I think it is (I mean, since you asked and all) –

I think the reason why it drives me so crazy is because it interferes with my addiction (there, I’ve said it!) to my community. Ok, maybe that’s an extreme way to phrase it, but how it plays out is thus: I want to hang out with my peeps. They are busy. I am busy. I am thwarted in my desires. I feel sad. But, wait! Almost everyone has a blog! Those that don’t are pathologically addicted to email like I am! So, connection to the internet = connection to community.

Pathetic? Well, maaaaybe. Still true? Hell yes.

Then there’s the other factor of it (that is, my lack of consistent connectivity) interefering with my homework avoidance strategy.

How can I put off doing my homework if I have nothing to distract me? No emails to reply to or blogs to read? Terrible. I can’t quite justify turning on the TV or watching a movie because that’s too overt an avoidance technique, it’s completely unjustifiable. Email, on the other hand, is pernicious and insidious (two excellent words). It subtly steals my time away in the most enjoyable fashion. But, only when it’s working. Rats!

Alright, I’ve successfully made a blog post about avoiding homework, so that I could avoid doing homework for just a little longer. Now I guess it’s time to hit the books! Maybe I’ll just check my email one more time…

Of friendship, love, and community.Of change, the infinite, and Netflix.

You know, little things.

I have fallen off the blog bandwagon, and hard. I don’t know why but I’ve had a positive aversion to posting lately (lately, as in the last three whole months).

Anyway, I was one of the tribe who went to Pantheacon and I’m not sure what I can add to the already wonderful and brilliant descriptions and reflections on the experience. Honestly I think I’m still processing it all.

I’m still having weird and intense (though good) dreams about my covenmates every night and every time I take a nap; they are so intense that it makes me wonder if the people in them are having the same dreams…

I learned that I love my tribe so much it’s kinda indescribable, that it’s actually pretty damn ok to be the Tower, and that I look good in a corset (who doesn’t, really?). I learned that the rituals and performances my group did were some of the best in the entire Con.

The Devil and The Tower
The Devil and The Tower

I learned that I’m wiser and more dangerous than I give myself credit for. I’m not sure, but I think those are both good things.

I also learned that those PCon organizers weren’t kidding when they said you should eat at least 2 meals and get at least 6 hours sleep every day (I learned that one the hard way, I got a terrible, miserable cold the week after PCon), but it was fun anyway so who really cares?

And, not least of all, I learned, by missing a week of school because I was so sick, that my coven community is far more important than my school community because my school is full of shit 90% of the time (see, Thora, we totally agree about pretentious artist crap) and that I really don’t care about my degree anymore except that I’m planning on using financial aid to get to Italy this summer and I only have a year to go and I don’t want to be a quitter.

The result of all this epiphany is that I haven’t watched any of my Netflix movies in over a month and have certainly paid several times over to have simply bought them by now.

Ah well.

Some People Really Need to Lighten Up

Admittedly, I’m not Christian (I know, horrors!), but honestly!
Why can’t you love Jesus AND have a sense of humor about him?

I’m sure Jesus had a sense of humor and could laugh at himself,
from time to time at least…

Check out this blasphemy: Chocolate Jesus for Christmas! The guy who makes them is trying to bring a religious tone back to the holiday, even!
He calls them “My Sweet Lord.” The church is not amused.

hey, at least he’s white, right?

Hmmm, reminds me of Cosimo Cavallaro’s chocolate Jesus (with anatomical accuracy!). The church wasn’t so pleased about that either.

In other blasphemous news, a burning cross for your porch, just in time for the holidays! Ok, so maybe it’s not really on fire, it just looks like it is.
A good idea (?) gone terribly wrong.

The Perfect Christmas Symbol?

The blog post about this one (from Dispatches from the Culture Wars) is pretty funny.

I know, a burning cross isn’t considered blasphemy, just bigotry, but why isn’t it? We’re not allowed to desecrate the flag by burning it, so why is ok to burn crosses? Something to ponder.

Happy Holidays, y’all.

Who Moved My Bacon?

5 pounds of bacon – missing!

I just have a couple of questions:

  • Why did they have 5 pounds of bacon in their fridge?
  • Didn’t the husband notice the smell of cooked bacon?
  • His wife ate all 5 pounds of the bacon without being noticeably ill?

For more bacon fun, check out InventorSpot’s 10 Bacon Products That Have No Bacon and the bacon iPhone case.

Of course, I know you’re not really going to buy these things because you’re celebrating Buy Nothing Day, right?