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Love Notes Salon at Pantheacon 2016

I’ll be hosting a Love Notes to the World Salon in the Hexenfest Suite at Pantheacon this year! It will be Saturday, 2/13, from 3:30pm to 5pm.

I’ll provide rose-tulsi tea and heart-shaped papers for you to contribute your notes. You’re also welcome to bring fiber crafts to work on, and we’ll discuss spreading love and how to connect to others who want to do the same.

Please join me!

When was the last time you felt wonder? (Not too long, I hope.)

I’m not sure how to rationalize putting all these things together in one post, other than that I’m far too lazy to post them all separately. Too much filler to write!

This particular post isn’t really about me anyway, it’s about the world, in all it’s peculiar and wonderful variety.

Have you ever heard of ice hotels? Most are seasonal, I think one up in the Arctic Circle is year-round. They’re one of the coolest things (sorry, that was unintentional) ever (IMHO). Someday, when money is no object, I will stay in one.
Here’s an article (and pictures!) about one where all the guest rooms are done by different designers:
12 Designs From The 2009 IceHotel: Catch Them Before They Melt!

In other mind-blowing news, some teenagers sent a helium balloon into the stratosphere and took pictures of space with a $60 digital camera. No, seriously. For real.
Here’s an article about it in The Daily Telegraph and here’s their Flickr Photostream.
I don’t know what else to say about it but wow. Wow.

In a final totally unrelated news item (from the most wonderful Boing Boing), a growing archive of US Military medical illustrations is available online. Ever wanted to see a beautiful illustration of a skull? I know I have.
There’s some other funky stuff, too. WARNING: page 2 of the overall photostream contains pictures of some weird eye procedure; you may want to skip that page if you find that kind of thing disturbing.
Well, here you go then: otisarchives1’s Photostream. Here’s the post on Boing Boing, too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our little foray into the realm of the wondrous.

Join me again next week for…well, I’m not really sure. You’ll just have to join me to find out, I guess.