Love Notes is coming to Burning Man 2017

I’m finishing up a fancy new chest to collect love notes and yarn donations in…to bring to Burning Man! This is my first time going to this event/phenomenon (not for lack of 10 years of encouragement), and I’m excited and nervous.
But mostly excited.

As you may imagine, little slips of paper and balls of yarn could easily get blown away on the Playa which would create pollution as well as regret. No one wants either of those things, therefore I’ve created a chest to hold them without blowing away. Come see me at Silicon Village, in the Party Snail Maenads camp!

The world really needs your love, my friends. Love must triumph over hate, so please come and participate if you can. I’ve got supplies, you just need to bring your love for the world (even if all you can muster at the moment is a love for doughnuts, everything counts). Write a note about the teacher who believed in you when you doubted yourself. Write a note for your mom. Write a note for tree frogs. Write a note for the eclipse! Write a note for yourself, because I know you’re awesome. Your love is magic and I truly believe it’s the only thing that can heal the world.

Captain Jane (my fancy new Burner name…)

Love Notes chest (work in progress)
Love Notes chest (work in progress)

Postcards ordered!

Since this project is getting an official public outing at The Home of Truth‘s Dreaming Peace New Year’s Eve celebration and vigil, I ordered pretty postcards with information about the project. (I’ll also be leaving them around the Bay Area in cafés and at colleges and such.) I also ordered a very large heart-shaped craft punch and a ream of pink paper for people at the event to write their love notes! I won’t be there, but my friend Yeshe Rabbit will bring the materials to the event. Thank you, my friend!

Love Notes postcard

Red Thread performance by Yeshe Rabbit

On Sunday, 12/13, Yeshe Rabbit offered a performance art piece at the Goddess Crafts Faire in Sebastopol, elaborating on the concept of a red thread that connects all women. As the heart sutra was read, Yeshe unrolled a long strand of red yarn from under her dress and I handed it around to audience members to invest with their prayers for the world (and I passed out papers describing the project). Now the red yarn has been contributed to the project! Thank you Yeshe, and everyone who blessed the yarn with their good intentions!

Also, Janet Molinari, who was spinning in the background, is donating the yarn she spun during the performance! Thank you Janet!