Finishing Things, part 2

Alrighty, I’ve got another (short) list of finished projects! I did finish my Diary of Interstices, in Dissolution since I posted my last list, but it was documented in its whole own blog post because it was such an involved process. It is now peacefully decaying in a jar on the windowsill by my desk at work. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, my colored lightbox is now named On the Shifting Nature of Time and Perception; if it becomes part of a series, the series will be called Illuminatrix.

Back to the list, though… I realized I’d forgotten to count one of my finished projects, and that’s my Kaua’i travel journal. It was actually the first project I finished in this larger endeavor. In all honesty, I hadn’t actually begun it, other than gathering the notebook and materials, which I’d collected on my first trip in 2011, and then more things from my second trip in 2012 (only briefly given a nod recently). There’s still room in the book, so I guess I’ll have to make at least a couple more trips, alas.

Kauai travel scrapbook

Then, I finished woodburning sheaves of barley onto some napkin rings I’d fancied up to be a takeaway from a CAYA Heart & Harvest ritual in August of 2012(?). I’d put a variety of quotes about gratitude, and such, on all these wooden napkin rings, and then I also put these sheaves of barley on them, but I ran short on time to finish them all because I always end up creating these enormously detailed and time consuming projects for myself (I love it, I do). Anyway, then my woodburner died, and I got a new one, but the napkin rings languished unfinished for years. But no more! They are done, and I think they look quite spiffy.

gratitude napkin rings

Third on the list, a crocheted altar cloth made from yarn used in full moon rituals formerly known as the Grove of Artemis (now Grove of the Goddess). I started with scraps left from ritual activities and made a small cloth. Then we did another ritual where we wove yarn from woman to woman to create a web of community, and that was saved for me to add to the existing cloth. A lovely idea, and also quite a chore to untangle, now completed! Huzzah!

crocheted altar cloth

Last, but most certainly not least, I had started painting a couple of artificial apples gold, and though I’ve now gotten another idea for turning the golden apples into something more, my original project was simply to paint them gold. I count that as completed.

golden apples

The unexpected upside of finishing these projects is that I’m starting to dig my desk out from under all the things that have accumulated on top of it (I’m deliberately not calling it crap because a lot of it is actually my art, in some form or another, and I’m trying not to denigrate that…) Yay for seeing my desktop again! I mean, it’s hardly clear, but it’s more clear than it was, so yay.

And, never one to rest on my laurels (truly, I am not), I’m currently working on finishing yet more projects. One of them is nearly done, and another is mostly (but not nearly) done. And then there’s Vanthe’s wings, but that’s a story for another day.