Today my cat had surgery that saved his life. Today, a generous benefactor gave me money to make that surgery possible. Today, other friends offered to help crowd-fund at least some of the rest of the staggering amount of money the emergency vet costs.

I have found myself in tight situations more times than I would like over the years, times that I have vowed would not be repeated. And yet

And yet, life has a way of taking turns you didn’t anticipate. I do my best to be nimble of foot on this winding road of my life, to be unflappable, to survive. And I do pretty well, overall. I have learned to take hard knocks with a certain dispassionate acceptance and a profoundly stubborn refusal to be defeated. I still find beauty in small places, satisfaction in small victories, and gratitude for the support I receive.

And I am unspeakably grateful at this moment for being lucky enough to afford(?) to save my cat, to whom I have an unreasonable attachment.

Io among the flowers (not to scale)

And, I also want my son to be well, I want to believe that things don’t have to be hard, I want to have time…to just be, to rest, to do anything at all other than work without it taking away from the performance of my duties.

But for now, my cat is going to be ok, and that is a fine thing.

I am grateful.
I am grateful and tired.

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  1. I am so happy to hear the crisis has been successfully traversed, and send lots of love to you all. Blessed be!

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