Finishing Things, part 1

I’m not someone who makes new year’s resolutions. There’s so much baggage associated with the practice that I think it often loses any useful purpose, and anyway, shouldn’t one always be striving to do better? I mean, say you make a resolution to learn to play an instrument this year (an ambitious goal!), and then a couple of months into it you’ve fallen off the wagon you hopped so eagerly onto just a very short time ago, you feel like a failure (maybe I’m projecting here), and you give up, telling yourself it was hopeless in the first place. I definitely have done that, and I often struggle with the feeling that nothing I do makes any difference (especially when I look at the state of the world), but I feel like new year’s resolutions are almost setting yourself up for that whole scenario. People aim too high, and give up too easily.

That being said, I do believe in continuing to strive. Sometimes I get worn out or worn down and I give up for a while, to be sure, but fundamentally I’m just too wretchedly stubborn to stay down forever. And, you know, flowers and birds and music and friendship and chocolate and stuff. Those help.

So, anyway, my point is that I set myself a goal of finishing all my unfinished projects this year. I don’t know if I’ll reach that goal, but it gives me something to strive for that has observable results (which is important to my motivation). I sort of finished one thing, but it needs a bit of fiddling still to get it just right. However, I did completely finish three other things! I finished a shawl I’d been intermittently working on for a dear friend for, oh, three years, perhaps? (Pictures to follow a bit later.)

And I finished Madame Blavatsky’s shadowbox,


HPB - angle

and my colored lightbox (name as yet undetermined).

lightbox with cat lightbox - angle

This weekend I have plans to finish another project that only needs some seawater (you’ll find out later), and I’m working on yet another project on my lunch hours at my 9-5 job. All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about this endeavor. Though, of course, as soon as I cross one thing off my metaphorical list, I remember another thing still waiting for my attention. (Maybe I should make an actual list…) Still, it’s satisfying to see things through to completion and I’m feeling successful and motivated to continue.

And then, once I’m finished? On to new things!

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