Where I’ve Lived, inventory as of 12/31/2014

  1. apartment where I spent my 1st Christmas, behind Punky’s Place, Santa Rosa
  2. house with Daddy on Eardley, Santa Rosa
  3. apartment with the Monkey Bars, A Section, Rohnert Park
  4. apartment with the upstairs, Cotati
  5. duplex on Douglas Street, Petaluma
  6. Villa Vista Apartments, where we were when Daddy died, Cotati?
  7. house with the greenhouses, where the water was turned off, on Lindbergh Lane, Petaluma
  8. Pete’s house, Rohnert Park
  9. 6063 Evelyn Avenue, E Section, Rohnert Park
  10. the house that fell down the hill, Guerneville
  11. the apartment further up the hill, Guerneville
  12. cockroach infested building on N. Martel, Hollywood
  13. couchsurfing at a friend’s apartment on N. Martel, Hollywood
  14. couchsurfing at a different friend’s apartment on N. Martel, Hollywood
  15. sleeping in our car in the parking garage at N. Martel, Hollywood
  16. Rob’s apartment on N. Martel, Hollywood
  17. duplex behind the architect’s office, San Diego
  18. Grandpa Benny’s house, Tarzana
  19. tiny apartment on 44th Avenue, San Francisco
  20. shared house with Elisabeth and Dimitri on 44th Avenue, San Francisco
  21. Ortega Street, San Francisco
  22. 17th Avenue, off Lincoln Boulevard, San Francisco
  23. 11th Avenue, off Clement Street, San Francisco
  24. my mom’s studio apartment on MacDonald Street, Santa Rosa
  25. duplex on 4th Street, Santa Rosa
  26. apartment on University Street, First Hill, Seattle
  27. triplex where Constance was born, 632 NW 49th Street, Ballard (Freelard), Seattle
  28. apartment in Wallingford, Seattle
  29. house we owned when Duncan was born, 3039 Oas Drive W, University Place
  30. Jackie’s house, Sylmar
  31. house with the mildew and the termites, Glendale
  32. Corteen Place, Valley Village
  33. Regent Street, Alameda
  34. Buena Vista Avenue, Alameda

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