New Featured Project! Reading Log of Doom!

I’ve set myself a project, and it is as follows:

Reading Log of Doom
In which Jenny keeps account of progress in her endeavor to read all of the trackless numbers of books that sit, mocking her from their dusty ranks, in the random order in which they populate the cabinets and cubbyholes wherein they reside.

That is to say, I’ve undertaken to actually read every single book in my household, in order. Or, in the currently random order they’ve been in since our move (June). Mind you, I’ve read many of them, but by no means all and I think it’s time to change that. Also, I will reread the ones I’ve already read as I come to them. It seems only fair as some of them have lain forgotten for many a year. If I decide they aren’t worth keeping after all, then yay! Room for more books!

There is a new widget in my sidebar just beneath the “previous thoughts” bit where you can observe my progress. I figure if I make it public, I feel more accountable to you, whoever you are. So that’s that! I hope you find the book list of interest!