I'm not scattered, I'm omnipresent!

Now that my adventures in jam have passed for the moment, and I’ve (more or less) secured lodging in Scotland for our trip, my thoughts turn toward other projects, other pastimes… like making incense!
Yes, never content to have 20,000 in-progress projects at any one time, I’m always itching to start more!

Actually, the incense is something that was unfinished from before, so really I was tying up loose ends. Not to mention that it earns me some money for our trip (yay!). I’m an avid amateur herbalist, and so I’ve been working on developing a line of incenses and other herbal products. (The jam could actually tie in with this, but we’ll see.) Currently, I have two varieties of incense: Descendence Incense and Transcendence Incense, and they’re carried at The Sacred Well in Oakland.
The Well had requested more Transcendence Incense from me way back in November, but, what with school and all, I just couldn’t get it done. Now I’ve completed the order and earned some dough. Yay again!

Going to try to make these in stick form soon!
Everybody needs a little transcendence now and then...

Of course, I’m also working on knitting a funky shawl, just because I feel like it,

Funky and soft.
Big needles mean I'll be done soon, I hope.

trying to get some more dioramas finished to sell through Gray Lady,

Mysterious, eh?
Can you guess what this'll look like?

coercing a friend to give me some blackberries to make more preserves (with Drambuie this time, I think), crocheting my outfit for Off the Needles: A Knitting Pinup Calendar, and…oh yeah, there’s that elderberry wine in the closet I still have to rack and sweeten, and I also still need to get honey to start the crab-apple mead going (crab-apple juice frozen in the back of my fridge). Mmm, a couple of other unfinished needle-work projects in there, too, but we won’t mention them.

Oh! And a friend of mine commissioned me to design a tarot deck for an iPad app he’s working on.
I just got invited to teach classes to “mid-kids” at the Northern California Women’s Herbal Symposium this September.

Honestly, I don’t know how I end up getting so busy! I don’t set out to do a million things at once, I just seem to keep finding myself in the midst of it all. I can’t resist a new challenge, a new project, new ideas, new stimulation, new opportunities.
In school, my teachers said I lacked focus… I guess I could admit to that, but I prefer to think I’m just well-rounded.

Now if only I can get Lonely Planet to hire me to write for their travel guides…

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  1. Well, I think you’re deliciously rounded, personally. 😉

    I love all the things you have going! It always gives me grand ideas and schemes when I hear about all your projects.

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