Up Down Up Down Up Down

No, I’m not talking about a trampoline, or doing the bouncy-bouncy, or even the stock market.

I’m talking about my internet connection. As a highly-evolved (snicker), ordained High Priestess (whoa, that’s weird), I should be able to take this inconsistency in stride. After all, I’m the Priestess of Controlled Chaos! I’ve survived being homeless, raising two Gemini children (well, that’s ongoing), and dancing topless with a knife in my mouth! What’s a little internet irritation compared to that?

Well, funny you should ask, because I’ve been pondering that myself.

Here’s what I think it is (I mean, since you asked and all) –

I think the reason why it drives me so crazy is because it interferes with my addiction (there, I’ve said it!) to my community. Ok, maybe that’s an extreme way to phrase it, but how it plays out is thus: I want to hang out with my peeps. They are busy. I am busy. I am thwarted in my desires. I feel sad. But, wait! Almost everyone has a blog! Those that don’t are pathologically addicted to email like I am! So, connection to the internet = connection to community.

Pathetic? Well, maaaaybe. Still true? Hell yes.

Then there’s the other factor of it (that is, my lack of consistent connectivity) interefering with my homework avoidance strategy.

How can I put off doing my homework if I have nothing to distract me? No emails to reply to or blogs to read? Terrible. I can’t quite justify turning on the TV or watching a movie because that’s too overt an avoidance technique, it’s completely unjustifiable. Email, on the other hand, is pernicious and insidious (two excellent words). It subtly steals my time away in the most enjoyable fashion. But, only when it’s working. Rats!

Alright, I’ve successfully made a blog post about avoiding homework, so that I could avoid doing homework for just a little longer. Now I guess it’s time to hit the books! Maybe I’ll just check my email one more time…

One thought on “Up Down Up Down Up Down

  1. I am pathetically addicted to my community and the internet. I am a slave to the space between the pixels.

    Even as I sit here I am on my laptop with my phone at my side, just doing anything to keep from taking the nap I so desperately need right now.

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