Apparently I'm going to be a nervous wreck all day

So, election day.

I always vote absentee ballot, but this time I dropped it off in person at my nearest polling place because I wasn’t about to take the chance that it could get lost in the mail. I mean, that’s never happened before (as far as I know), but this election is so crucial, I couldn’t live with any uncertainty about whether or not my vote would be counted (well…).

Now I just have to wait.

I can’t handle watching election results, never could. This year it’s especially bad. Watching the things I care about inch up or down as the votes are tallied? I can’t bear it.

AARGH! I have to find something inane to occupy me so I can get through the day…

The last time I was this anxious about an election was four years ago, and we know how that came out.
Duncan, on the other hand, was quite certain about what the results would be. Change is in the air for him, he is quite certain.

Maybe he knows something I’m just too anxious to feel.

Only time will tell.

Wake me when it’s over.